This is beyond …

This is beyond optimism,
this is insstinctual
It is all in alignment
it is all coming to fruition
this preparation
Finding leadership
My community
The love I have here.
It is divine.
It is perfect
It is already done
It is ascension.

And where will i be when it is done
right where i am supposed to be

Where will all the others be that havent awoken
There will be no others

I will lead them to be
I will take them to where they are supposed to be
I will walk in love
speak in love
touch in love
I vow to watch this process
Detatched and with love.
I vow to listen to my gut
I accept i am to lead
I accept I am heading towards something great
I accept this responsibility and this honor

I am beautiful
I am divine
I am God


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