The breath in relation to activation

Recognize the power of the breath. The breath is another powerful tool, useful to engage the energy and momentum needed to fully engage the light body. The very act of becoming aware of breath allows for the stillness to assess and become aware of the current state of your Flower of Life. In this place of breath focused awareness it is east to determine the shape, density, momentum and light sum of each sphere and source aspect. We wish to share with you a technique to very rapidly bring the entirety of your personal flower of life into complete engaged activation. Breathing deep and concentrated breaths allows the individual to utilize Source energy at once. When the intention is set to bring this Source energy in with each breath know that each atom and particle within this breath responds instantaneously.

In this technique the inward breath is in effect contracting all soul aspects and spheres to the core vortex. Visualize the Source energy you pull within your lungs blanketing your entire flower of life field and gently yet quickly drawing all to you. Hold this breath for at least 4 seconds. The outward breath should be pushed rapidly out of pursed lips. As this breath is pushed out of your mouth visualize it sending the core vortex of the flower of life into a spin.The more energy and intention behind the breath the more momentum is gained in the spin. Each breath should increase in intensity therefore increasing the spin of the core vortex. Once a certain speed is reached, and you will feel this, the spinning core will have gained enough momentum and therefore gravity to implode, explode into brilliant light which covers all spheres and aspects of Source. This is a instantaneous process and CAN be accomplished in one breath when enough energy is output by the outward breath.

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