Spiritual Emergency as the Soul’s Radical Realignment with Source


We want to place specific emphasis on the apparent state of  Spiritual Emergency your planet has existed in as it is the Source Soul’s radical realignment with Absolute Pure Source Energy.

Those who have as you would call it, reached 5 dimensional frequencies and have began utilizing the technology and information of light bodies, including merkaba work, sacred geometries (such as the Flower of Life), and any other number of attunements which address frequency, vibration, and consciousness KNOW you have allowed for an alignment of ease to these powerful new energies. As it has been your commanding of your personal crystalline light pillars and activated ‘flowers of life’ which have been Vital to the diversion of much mass upset and emergency on your beloved planet. Many who are not operating at full light body capacity and who exist with misshapen, overly dense flower of life geometries and therefore weak or non existent crystalline light pillars Will be highly uncomfortable in these energies.  Aspects of Source Soul that continue to exist in unconscious density will often express their need for activation through emotional energies. Those aspects held in ignorance- the conscious decision to be unaware- will be especially uncomfortable to the individual. The amount of light information and Source now inundating Earth’s field will be experienced by every being within it. Many will undergo a seemingly involuntary crisis or fracture that will ultimately lead to the full radical alignment and emergence into Absolute Pure Source Energy. The term you refer to as Spiritual Emergency is This in full affect. This Emergency consists of the often painful but acute awareness of the densest, least light engaged aspects of this individuals soul. You will see this triggered in mass by the awareness of attachments, addictions. As the experience of Addiction and all attachments denotes an aspect of source or self that you are choosing to hold in a fixed state, . This static aspect of soul, (or sphere) which is not free to integrate with other aspects of self by unconscious energetic maintenance of the human field (the ability of the human body to heal itself and right itself naturally into homeostasis) will continue to remain until an Emergency or crisis created out of the self sustaining Divine Will of the human body and soul, triggers this stagnant aspect into awareness and therefore movement. This movement will allow this sphere to now incorporate the light and radiance of not only an individuals own light body but that of the earth and therefore universe. Once this Emergency has happened and the aspect is no longer held fixed it too will Emerge fully transmuted from density and in become of service to your light body as it was designed to be.

This information of radical alignment of Source Soul to Absolute Pure Source Energy comes to you now, because it is now when re-membrance of the Source self, and full resurrection, emergence and activation of all light bodies, of all crystalline light pillars Will Happen.

The date you recognize as 12 21 12 has put Gaia’s celestial body- this sacred container of the Flower of Life that we each are- in an acute, direct alignment with this galaxy’s Great Central Sun. This as created a synthesizing, and complete integration with the activated crystalline pillar of Earth with that of the crystalline pillar of the Sun which emits this very same pure Source energy which we are urging you to utilize. The coming together of these two crystalline light pillars is a point of transformation for each and every being in the entirety of existence. For your earth it is a time when light information, technologies, and extraterrestrial, divine assistance, knowledge which is kept within the crystalline structures of the sun is literally available for you to access at all times at Godspeed.

Know as commanders of fully activated light bodies and sacred containers of the complete fully integrated flower of life, that your understanding and experience is vital to the expanse of consciousness in all realms on all levels.

To learn more on the Flower of Life technology please click here!

Emily Andari


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