Liberate Yourself! A Call to Action


As a new year and a new cycle of earth begins, we are being called into action.  Use the energies at this time with the alignment of 12- 21-12 and the well recognized observance of the beginning of a new calendar year to break free from all limiting belief systems and patterns. The freedom that comes with liberation will allow for you to stand before your mission, your passion with absolute strength and sovereignty.

You are needed at this time, Light Warriors! Stand tall as all attachments fall away from you and the magnificent divine being that you are emerges. Welcome all new found abilities, wisdom, and strengths to supplant what is falling away. It is imperative that you answer this call to action by recognizing and remembering your power as creators. Recognizing yourself as self sovereign, whole and complete spiritual beings creates the foundation for which you can be of full service to others in regards to your divine purpose on this earth. You are the divine blue-printers, observers, and consciousness keepers through which the rest of humanity will remember their truth. When those of us who are aligned to the highest destiny of humanity unite in the intention of liberation all chains are broken simultaneously.

The willingness to allow the falling away of the old and the integration of the new is creating the movement, the momentum, to change this world! Know the role you play in this mighty shift and honor yourself for the work you have done up to this point. As you are called to take affirmative action on your missions know you are divinely guided and assisted at all times. Stand firm on a platform of coherence and conscious awareness as you step forth into the wilderness of the new. Happy New Beginnings and Liberation to all of you!

Image Emily Andari


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