A Few Quick Quips


Irrevocably yours. Spreading wing tip to wing tip.  Stand next to us as you choose. In communal breath of divine knowledge we sing this night. Radiant trails of bliss before you. Infinite warmth, As we lift up thee, with we. And show this resurrection to you, to gift to others. We are mighty in our protection. Levity in defense. Lay down your arms. All falls as light as the feathers of our wings. And we shall guide thee as We.



What’s done is done

what’s through is through.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Feeling this stillness and the grace

prepare for loves full embrace.

It is beyond this lifetime

what your mission holds

breaking the chains, making new molds.

Breath of fire, spark of life

end this struggle, ignite this lite.

Holding still for release to come

levy to break and towers to fall

already, it has been done.

To shake and tremble at the sight

lay down your arms, give up the fight.

There is nothing more for you to do

then to let the miracles come to you.

Fall to your knees and sing on high.

You’ve entered now

to the other side.

Oh how you’ll enjoy this ride.

You now hold

gifts beyond the mind.

Simple to define

this Gold mine.

And you are writing in rhyme,

to understand the rhythm of time;

where synchronicity lies

order resides.

Your vessel can with-stand

all is at your command.

Indestructible and built of will

swords of truth raised high and still.

Magic of your power

burning down the tower

deconstructing the departed

the fire has been started.

Sustaining comes by way of flames.

Ice and Fire

Assistance could not be higher.

 Know your home, your origin

family that does come to you.

Sister Heat and Brother Cold.

As one separate to the same

beginning. now. with sacred flame.

Lift up heads and hearts alike

into the heavens as we unite.

This is whats real

that you can feel.


I am nothing, I am God,

I hold wonder, but am in awe

hold me now for I feel too weak.

What path is there for me to seek?

What power lies in the words I speak?

Worlds will come to assistance now

there is no need to wonder how.

Shift awe to reverence of what’s Inside.

Wisdom comes from heads held high.

Souls that have walked this path before,

hold memories and records which they have stored….

What words can express This which I feel?

A heaviness, a wound, a love so deep- so quaking

I feel it could move worlds.

And it is as if my physical body is not nearly equipped to deal with its magnitude.

As if i am imploding, obliterating all at once.

As if I am naught but a child.

Yet this child that I am recognizes and stands with this Me that is here.

This bold and powerful, elated, ecstatic God That I Am.

And this child wonders of this love so deep,

and this child feels fear of this timeline she knows nothing of.

And this child shakes as the physical changes.

Trembles, as the ground falls from beneath her,

and as she steps there is nothing but air.

 She is paralyzed.

Cold, naked, vulnerable.

But to her I say;

you are held

you are loved.

Steps of diamond lie beneath your feet,

Rulers of nations on high stand by your side.

This is land in which We reside.

Falter at Nothing.

There is no wilderness  not created before.

Trust in your body and harbor no guilt,

your home is where creation was built.

To her, I say as Warrior-  Mighty, Strong and Fierce.


Musing from The Ethers:

We are laughing because as you write you are seeing the lesson here. This grand lesson of learning to Zero in. To concentrate energy. Your physical body is but a concentration of energy. And we can tell you specifically that this level of concentration is very new to your spirit. Many lives you have lived on this planet attempting to get used to this foreign skin. And as the divine and diligent beings that you inherently are you have succeeded in effectively changing and emerging the human race. As enough people- individuals get uncomfortable enough in this old skin and choose to activate transformation- and by skin we mean the entire physical reality humans exist in- you step into the Shift. The shift from high density to high frequency. And here you feel comfortable, here you feel home. Because you are. This after all, is all you have known.  So as you become more conscious and more aware of your physical life’s incongruities with who you know yourself to truly be these separations of self will emerge for you all. It may well feel overwhelming as you look at your lives you have created and say ‘I have done it all wrong’. However, we assure you, all is in perfection. It is all part of remembrance and alignment to your divinity.


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