I am rededicating all that I am.

I am Warrior, I am Woman, I am Mother

Creator; divine and true.

And I AM in service to this ascension

the emergence to divinity, and entrance into

New Beginnings.

Humanity has created this mission for me

as I have created this mission for humanity.

If it is fiery passion that is called for, it Will be delivered.

If it is crystalline information of universal law, precise and deliberate,  filtered from your heights, so be it.

If it is deep love for mother, awareness of all that She Is, all of her beings, all of her kingdoms, so that I am better able to show others who They Divinely Are and all of their kingdoms, in devotion it will be.

Every experience I receive and perceive is in absolute dedication of planetary assistance.

Through me lives every soul, through every soul lives me.

And in this knowing, with every thing that I am, I embrace All

In deepest love, in consciousness, and in light.


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