Unite to Shift, Recieve the Gift

Where does body meet the spirit?
The trinity absorb its structure
implode its parameters?
What Scale
What Justice
Starts with One?
Start with two..it has begun.
Then make into one.
This the third is most preferred
referred to from on high.

Orders shuffle, this we know 
What you wish is quick to grow.
Message sent by wings on high
See, we hear and do reply.
Watch us land around your feet
Feathers sweep a steady beat.
Rhyme to you, cause you do too
know the flow we send to you.
Ego distorts what you can seek
Moving light is yours to keep.
Home now, forever near,
distance is up to you my dear. 

Watcher never Waiver
Watcher never Weak
What bonds hold us in coherency?
Morphing matter to the light
Awareness, freeing sight.
Articulation finds you bound,
look beyond and feel the sound.
Words not spoken to fill the space
Yet to extend grace.
Change upon horizon near?
What is within moves without
motion divert away from fear.
Heart distend
Sway and Bend
Unite to Shift,
Receive the Gift.


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