The Gates

“The shaman has walked up to the gates of his or her personal hell and then walked in.The self created demons of fear, insanity, loneliness and addictions have been confronted and conquered by the shaman who has gone through the gamut of SHAMAN’S DEATHS.”
Jamie Sams The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings.

I have stood at these gates for too long, pondering, sidestepping, conversing with the outcomes.. I enter Now with Ferocity, with Grace, with Elegance, and Stability.
I woke up today with nothing as it was before.
Relationship, Gone.
Home, Gone.
Business, solid of mission, but too getting tossed about on these Gail force winds of change.

The nightmares I could not bear give credence to are suddenly before me.

I enter into the gate of my own personal hell with my head held high, my heart wide open and my mind at peace. I AM FREE, I AM BOLD,  I AM WOMAN

I am a warrior, and I am God of this Creation of mine, every breath, every moment, I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for creating, and in that I know that all is in perfection.

I watch emotions and thoughts cycle through my energy as nothing more than commentary. Fear, regret, severe empathy, depression swirl up and out of me, disengaging, pulsating through. These waves I watch as a nurturing mother.  I see this shadow side of myself and embrace her,  love her,  and hold her. For my core, my essence, my radiant bliss within is UNFLINCHING.  With all my might, and all my will I muster divine strength. All that I have created, all that is behind me and asking for release does so in complete support of my Mission on this earth. I am a planetary visionary, a way shower, whose walk is meant to ease those that walk behind me. This opportunity is far beyond myself, as much as it IS myself. And I cherish it with honor and respect, devotion to humanity, devotion to myself.

Months ago I began the Grand Experiment of Trust, and trust has led me to these gates, now it shall lead me through… I stand ready, grasping a Golden Scepter, piercing the Eye of Horus and I walk in….


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