Cosmic Storms

Bridging sacrifice to momentum

lost in thought never winding,

always progressing

forward at a steady march.

No coherent language seep

wonder which words I should keep.

Lingering breath is here for now

must keep at bay a distant frown.

Holding steady in the cosmic storm,

flag is flying, tattered and torn,

never waiver from the course

passion will drive you, mission’s force.

Holding steady to turn the tide

waves are heavy, a wild ride.

Forgiveness of Mother,

weeping as rain

crashing upon a torrent of pain.

Water falls like heavy tears

moving now beyond our fears.

Thirsty land has been refreshed,

quenched by light of heavens reach.

Work is done, Will as One.

Love instilling Harmony

Balance abounds this great Earth

she has risen forth and given birth

a New world,

new breath of life restored.

Resurrection as the Christed One

ascended now and forever held.

Member proud, and member known

we welcome you upon the throne.

Initiation comes as waves of grace

even in confusion’s wild embrace

forget not the keys

within your hand

no time beyond where you now stand.

Entered into chambers rare

remember knowledge bestowed to you there.

Infinite imploding shapes collide

find natural order where you abide.

Residing structures move this night,

revel in creations delight.

Give me remembrance of the form.

To execute a new world and how it is born.

There is a rhythm here i wish to heed

allow me to catch it in Godspeed.

Help beyond the human realm?

Alone now in an ashen hell?

Never wander into a false abyss

Poignant and insistent keep.

Listen for a cycle here,

rolling into futures near.

Be aware of nothingness,

be aware of flight

let Earth speak of her insight.

Transmission is possible

We move across sands anew

holding time so still for you.

You wonder where your going,

you wonder what to do.

Just let go

we are here for you.

Watch every moment

Synchronicities create your time,

Filling space between,

heightened awareness, increases speed.

The flutter of a feather

the drip of dew

leaf flutter to ground

or river running through

you know its beat

you know its rhyme

and yet still get lost in time.

Veil is thinning as we speak

many more of you to meet.

Only moment ever mattered

is the one in which your in

initiation, obliteration

It is Time to Begin.


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