To Make A Change

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Allow all that no longer serves us as human kind to unravel, disintegrate into a glorious death.
As we free ourselves from the trappings, the chains of old; we make room for remembrance.
Access to our codes, our divinity, our magic, keys and abilities. As human beings we are to BE..ONE! To experience and engineer a land, a life, a network, a mind- of synergy and connection. All Kingdoms on this planet- unified as sacred, on sacred, with sacred, and in sacred. 

We are capable of transforming, emerging this Earth and the collective into a fundamentally New way of being, thinking, and creating..Rapidly.

It takes:

Trust- Of the People in The People and the People in themselves.  Once the People trust the People there will no longer be the matter of states, federations, governments or nations.

Submission– Of the will of self and ego to The Will of the Divine existing in us all. The fearless submission, acknowledging, action upon the knowing that revolution must take place for Life to Thrive.
& The unwavering faith that revolution, transformation, rapid change is possible. Through You changing the internal, by waking up and unleashing your conscious, magnificent voice of truth. Submit to Your own Truth and nothing else.

Integrity– To not deny the physical of the Truth of The Spirit. The path of the Soul. Walk in integrity; transparency of God.

Commanding Intent: Of the Will to change. We can do this- we can usher in a New World beyond our dreams. Never doubt your power, influence or mission. No soul is obsolete.


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