Coyote Came Home

Coyote came home
And laughed with me
I got lost in his levity.
The rhythm of his
I want to know.

Teach me on a softer wind
A bit shaken,
As fear creeps in.
Caught up in your force
Light of heaven in your eye
Twinkles behind a grander lie.
And I balk at darkness
And wander close to edges where I fear entrance to
Dancing in this primal dance,
Orchestrated only by the source
Equal to- and only of my own force.
Where is will?
Where I feel drowned in cautions lonely grip
Displaced again
A child’s sin
Innocent – what is within.

Have you forgotten where your path is lain
Forgotten the tide has changed?
Remember now, upon release
Wolf comes out of this slain sheep.
Survival makes you bear your teeth
Blackness- it is sure to creep
Into your own
within the bone.

Do you know the tone?
Of which they played
In realms you hear
Amplifying fear…
Simplify to switch the gear.
Condense thought to number now
Mathematics on this ground
Geometry, it beckons you
You know the key bestowed to you?
Pristine energy of the core?
Washed upon your golden shore
Been here before?
What’s familiar
Is the resounding shutter
of the death of all you once have known.


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