Reverse Engineering

There has recently been requests for me to post and share some of my creative and healing process.

One significant mechanism I have found to be extremely beneficial in my life as I work with the sacred plant teachers is a process I call ‘reverse engineering’.

It’s a simple process that works on 3 basic points Vision. Feeling. Mapping.

Ceremony and ritual of any kind will often produce alignment, resonance and presence.

This may culminate at certain focalized time and hence – a Vision, is had.

So many of us consciousness pioneers, healers, shamans and way showers talk of our visions.. So how do we apply them to our lives? How do we integrate these moments of revelation and understanding for advanced and accelerated transformation?

Reverse Engineering has long been a term that had been related to UFOs and technology of a higher intelligence. The term surely incites images of governments and scientists picking apart mysterious crafts so we can apply this technology for our own use. What I am proposing is a different form – but basically the same idea.

So you have your vision, Your ‘sweet spot’, aha! Your That’s It! Breakthrough.. Now hold it! Seize that feeling. Capture it, take a mental emotional spiritual snapshot – breathe into it relax into, and ask ‘how did I get there?’

Guide yourself through its undoing, and practice getting there again. It’s like a muscle, and the breath will help.

You are creating your map to be able to access this point, this feeling again. Focus on the subtleties, the energy, the feeling. Not the specifics, the physical or the logical.

I have been using this method since I began on my path of transformation over 5 years ago and have been practicing and refining it since.

Be conscious of the maps you design. Focus on those that are appropriate to where you want to go and who you want to be.


Enjoy The Drive


Four wheels and a steering wheel.
Highways and stop lights moving me between here and eternity.
The journey is the space between the turning of the engine and where I am to go.

I enjoy it most on the roads unfamiliar-
winding as my thoughts.

The quiet solace of the safety of steel.
In command of the destination, and at peace with my path.

I revel in the anonymity of the cars passing by.
Unknowing of my bliss-
the rapture of the road I drive.

Traffic is synchronicity
each of us heading somewhere.
Dancing along the sands of time.
Influenced, to varying degrees,
Affected by the proximity,
the perspective-
of fellow asphalt passengers.

Whisperings turn to Narrations as I navigate.
Spirit speaks to me when my foot is on the gas.
Windows down… Music always in accordance with my plan.
The breeze nudges softly in response
to my inquiries.
Birds of prey cross paths with me
bowing mighty wings in acknowledgement
of the freedom that exists in motion.

It is simple, this pleasure.
I say it is alchemy.
I say it is efficiency.
I say it is elegance-
To trust in the journey
and enjoy the drive.

Inspiration to Victory

Softly, I spoke to Mother Earth “I have been through a war..” my gaze turned to a leaf flutter down a gentle river and three hawks dancing in the sky, a cool breeze parted my hair and I threw my hands upward, exclaiming “and this is my Victory”.

My self created war within has been a most profound journey; an unraveling, a winding, glorious dissolution of my identity. I have walked fiery paths through the gates of my own personal Hell and yet here I am, blissfully at peace with the totality my creation, fully seated in my power as Woman, as Divine essence in flesh.

The victory I was referring to as I spoke to Mother Earth was not of an achievement nor award but of awareness. I am victorious because I am aware, conscious enough so that I am able to absorb the infinite unfolding inspiration of each moment.

What awakened me out of my blazing inferno, what moved me from destruction to completion, broken to whole? The answer to this question has been my dedication and devotion of my personal journey to Humanity’s emergence and transformation, awakening. Every obstacle and every challenge has been overcome by the knowing that I do not walk this Earth-walk for my own satisfaction but to ease the paths of others who walk beside me and to awaken voices of truth and wisdom.

Less than two years ago I embarked on a fierce and relentless study of transformation, what appeared to be a Rehab was in reality my initiation to Shamanism, Earth Medicine, my Mission and my planetary purpose. Swiftly, I mended my wings and stepped into acceptance of myself. I watched my resilience, my heart, my fearlessness with intrigue and understood I had been given a gift meant to deliver. I discovered that complete liberation, empowerment, and love is Natural Order and Universal Law, and We as humanity have the ability, the moment the intention is set, to create a new world.

What impulses me forward is the opportunities, the honor I have before me to present this message to this world. I have started an alliance, The Wakeup to unite planetary visionaries and voices of hope to shift the planet’s perception of addiction.  I also have the blessing of facilitating sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony at the very same rehab where I began my study two years ago. These expressions of my love for all creation allow an infinite exchange of reciprocity always in Ayni (right relationship) and balance.

Firmly rooted in my passion and my mission I remain unflinching, fearless, and invincible. In knowing that I am here to ignite Truth on this planet, I stand tall and step boldly forth as a visionary and leader. Victorious- by the earth beneath my feet, the heavens up above and a breeze through the leaves of standing giants to my side. It is in profound gratitude I exist in the space between- the great interconnection of all that is- which is my greatest inspiration.