Speed of Love

At the speed of love.

Gentle in her movements,
knowing in her grace,
in her power.

As Jaguar and Hummingbird
In skies and in jungles.
The grasses that rustle.
And in the wind
that silent breeze.
Yet her padding is muffled
by the beat of the wings.
Impossible speed
brought to possibility.
The West and the North
brought forth.


To provide a context for this poem … In the Shamanic cultures of South America the Jaguar and Hummingbird often sit on the West and North directions of the medicine wheel.¬†East (Eagle/ Condor), South (Snake), West (Jaguar), North (Hummingbird).


Velocity of We

plant vision
Full Absorption of divine presence to allow for Absolute Obliteration of self.

-Simultaneously- Full Obliteration to allow for Absolute Absorption

Karpays Abundant
Peace Plenty

Quivering vibrations rocked through my core
Deep quaking rapid trembles from within the heart of Mother.
My body- Her Body
Our Body
Resonant as One.
In Infinite Relationship
Cosmic Acquaintance
Cosmic Beloved

Reminding Me of,
Awakening Me to
Force of Creation
Velocity of We