What the Water Gave Me {Pt 1} Stormy Seas


Maybe the sound of the storm and a tide gently rocking is all you ever need.
At one with the Fury of an electric sky.
And I see what is within, be mirrored-without.
The flash of light
cascading from the heavens,
brother thunder
laughing with me.
A shadow, that I am.
Let death dance around me
and let me fall in
to my own.
My own glorious death of all that once was.
To make room for this:
clarity at twilight,
silence of thought,
congruency of environment,
storm raging above.
The dizzying toss of the boat
reminding me to center.
Reminding me I AM Ground.
To Make Room for the Magic
punctuated by thunder,
the dance of the Gods continues,
reminding me of movement
though I know not, where to.
Catharsis of a driving rain,
endless in its plot.
To release, to cleanse,
to liberate growth.