Vision: The Relationship

As I sit in this void, evidence of good work done. Where residuals of the ties that bound even of the subconscios have dissipated, rather impatiently at first I must add. For the first few days I was left twiddling my thumbs, laughably childlike at times. Asking a friend to play tic tac toe, wondering well what in the world do I do from here! This precipice of a new era for me and the world which I source, breath into and converse into existence. All I see is vision. And in the present and still moments I realize it is my greatest relationship. A dance, of beauty and gratitude, grace. That we work with one another. That the gifts drawing unto me are equal to the foundation I am nurturing. That investments in self community and preparation have become a canvas where anything can be painted. And to trust, intimately and deeply my heart, my resonant field. That all that visits is worthy and attuned to where and who i am at any given moment. It is commitment, yes a heart shaped solid truth. That guides my footsteps, and I remind myself it is ok if it is this easy. It is ok if it is this fun. That its ok to be this provided for. Supported.
That quite certainly we are all on a one way street of well being and conscious evolution. 

This bright and shiny new grid I build in partnership with my vision. The sight of which differs at times, dependingon the mood. And much like a new born child I wish deeply to nurture this newness with patience, diligence deliberacey and wisdom, integrity that stretches deep to core of this earth and straight through the heavens. Yes I am all this, and yet none of it. 

Prepare for beauty. Prepare for Joy. Prepare for transformation. Prepare for awakening. 

Speed of Love

At the speed of love.

Gentle in her movements,
knowing in her grace,
in her power.

As Jaguar and Hummingbird
In skies and in jungles.
The grasses that rustle.
And in the wind
that silent breeze.
Yet her padding is muffled
by the beat of the wings.
Impossible speed
brought to possibility.
The West and the North
brought forth.


To provide a context for this poem … In the Shamanic cultures of South America the Jaguar and Hummingbird often sit on the West and North directions of the medicine wheel. East (Eagle/ Condor), South (Snake), West (Jaguar), North (Hummingbird).


breathwork 33Today..
I inspire, and exhale
The Knowing 
of Peace. 
The Knowing 
that We are free.
The Vision
of awakening.
 The Forgiveness
of mistakes and all that has not yet been made,
and all that has been made. 
The Gratitude 
which fuels the fire of abundance, progress and momentum. 

I am Complete. 

So..How about that New Earth?

I woke up this morning with the Joy, comfort and spark of magic that feels strangely like Christmas morning. Last night I asked myself the question… Is it possible to enroll the world in the belief that they are powerful enough to choose peace? Is it possible to ignite a fire of awakening that stretches past any limits or boundaries of distance or time?

In believing in this possibility, what would it take? What actions am I committed to in order to actualize a vision that includes the awakening of the entire planet?

The answers came when I became clear on these 5 fundamentals…

I AM (Source) – Personal accountability and responsibility as the dreamer of the dream.

Contract/ Agreement– Who I came into this world to be.

Vision– What has me being in this world? Purpose of contract?

Action– What I am committed to creating in order to have that vision happen.

Effect– The influence of vision driven actions.

For me this looks like…

A Sacred, Passionately Powerful Woman
My vision is for a world that is awakened. That is The Kingdom of Heaven.
“Let the vision create the evidence, rather than the evidence create the vision.” – I believe that in this statement is how to manifest, literally, heaven on earth.  If I am to paint a world into being that is awakened, peaceful and joyful I am to stay absolutely disciplined in the knowing and beingness of my vision.

It is requested of me by my vision and contract to build and replicate New Earth Tribes. Advocating for and teaching indigenous and ancestral ways, law of attraction and sacred geometric principles. To express my voice of transformation to demonstration, and inspire others to get their own voice matters.

New Earth Tribes provides a space of empowerment and inspiration for expressing the journey of awakening. These gatherings are a space for advocating and teaching to happen and to mutually support one another in expansion and momentum.
The ancestral ways teach  the promise of possibility, a record of changing times, of how to change the times. The law of attraction, sacred geometry and spiritual teachings such as A Course In Miracles are the tools and time savers to manifest awakening.

I AM (Source)    TONE
Contract             FORM
Vision                FREQUENCY
Action                RYTHM
Effect                 GEOMETRY

If you are led, please fill in your own.. This is an unraveling, a process that can be accelerated the more clear and committed we become to our Truth, whatever that may be for you!

If you would like to find out more about my own personal vision visit The Wakeup website and Facebook .

Inspiration to Victory

Softly, I spoke to Mother Earth “I have been through a war..” my gaze turned to a leaf flutter down a gentle river and three hawks dancing in the sky, a cool breeze parted my hair and I threw my hands upward, exclaiming “and this is my Victory”.

My self created war within has been a most profound journey; an unraveling, a winding, glorious dissolution of my identity. I have walked fiery paths through the gates of my own personal Hell and yet here I am, blissfully at peace with the totality my creation, fully seated in my power as Woman, as Divine essence in flesh.

The victory I was referring to as I spoke to Mother Earth was not of an achievement nor award but of awareness. I am victorious because I am aware, conscious enough so that I am able to absorb the infinite unfolding inspiration of each moment.

What awakened me out of my blazing inferno, what moved me from destruction to completion, broken to whole? The answer to this question has been my dedication and devotion of my personal journey to Humanity’s emergence and transformation, awakening. Every obstacle and every challenge has been overcome by the knowing that I do not walk this Earth-walk for my own satisfaction but to ease the paths of others who walk beside me and to awaken voices of truth and wisdom.

Less than two years ago I embarked on a fierce and relentless study of transformation, what appeared to be a Rehab was in reality my initiation to Shamanism, Earth Medicine, my Mission and my planetary purpose. Swiftly, I mended my wings and stepped into acceptance of myself. I watched my resilience, my heart, my fearlessness with intrigue and understood I had been given a gift meant to deliver. I discovered that complete liberation, empowerment, and love is Natural Order and Universal Law, and We as humanity have the ability, the moment the intention is set, to create a new world.

What impulses me forward is the opportunities, the honor I have before me to present this message to this world. I have started an alliance, The Wakeup to unite planetary visionaries and voices of hope to shift the planet’s perception of addiction.  I also have the blessing of facilitating sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony at the very same rehab where I began my study two years ago. These expressions of my love for all creation allow an infinite exchange of reciprocity always in Ayni (right relationship) and balance.

Firmly rooted in my passion and my mission I remain unflinching, fearless, and invincible. In knowing that I am here to ignite Truth on this planet, I stand tall and step boldly forth as a visionary and leader. Victorious- by the earth beneath my feet, the heavens up above and a breeze through the leaves of standing giants to my side. It is in profound gratitude I exist in the space between- the great interconnection of all that is- which is my greatest inspiration.