To be a Warrior…
Is to foster and nurture the greatness in us all.
To allow energy- any energy,
to move freely through.
Without judgment or identity- placed.
Only in neutrality.
A warrior’s heart knows only purpose,
service, devotion to the vision, imagined
and conducted by a force that at times may seem so fleeting…
It too, unnamed, as the thoughts, the emotions
that flutter through.
The purposed warrior- in his service-
allows room for breadth,
a great magnitude of greatness
to be reflected within and without.
It is from neutrality of holding the space.
The space of direction-
passionate action,
which all can be encompassed within, fearlessly.
Stepping grandly, smartly, each stride covering immeasurable ground.
This warrior resists nothing
as all that is, can be, and will become
adds fuel to the fire.
The consuming flame
which pulses him
quickly, and sometimes- slowly
Continuing in the movement
and by his freedom.
By his ease and scope of ability
he shows others the path.
Stepping stones in quicksand,
for those who choose to see,
those who choose to hear.
And his heart is what carries him.
His heart is what beats the drum
of the knowing, of the purpose.
And he is eagle. He is freedom.
Positioned. Naked. At the frontlines of a battle
that softens as his eyes fall upon the truth.
The truth that seats him, steadily, unbiased
and unafraid.
The truth of his humanness-
of the immortality of Legend
and the fleetingness of Flesh.


Into the Abyss

Into the abyss.
Step into love. 
Hold tight to the reality
The only continuum, the only constant is energy.
That is your reality. 
The illusion is falling away rapidly.

The very ground beneath our feet is caving in.
Reach high to the Crystal cords of heaven and let that be your stability. 
Hold strong and solid in light warrior stance as it all falls away.
There is beauty in the break down. And it will be beautiful.
Bring timelines of joy, of peace, of love into you at this time. 
Be discerning of the mind and believe not its experience. Believe instead in the heart, and the soul.                                                                                                                                                         Utilize your emotions as road maps to guide you to more fulfilling experiences.                                                                                                                                                                                              Yet understand the mental processes of the mind as all which was before is no longer, and you walk  into this untrodded untamed abyss.

The mind has a way of balking at letting go. Delve into these programs search in them for what discomforts you and embrace that as the warrior you are. This is no battle but an unraveling, a very natural process. It may seem as if you are at war with yourself, as if you are being called to take up arms against that which you know does not serve you any longer. The friction that comes with this battle will cause more turbulence on this journey. Allowance is your greatest ally as you move into this time of NoTime. You are catapulting into a synchronistic state, for this to come into fruition you must let go!

As you realize the dissolution of the 3 dimensional reality and the radiant truth of the Actual Reality and navigate the space between you will watch all beginnings, all endings, all desires and competitive notions fall away with time itself as you embrace what lies ahead with innocence rooted in the truth of universal law. You all are at different levels of understanding this quantum leap into beingNess. And those of you who have fully grasped the essence of the falsity and systems of identity, society and humanness will be leaders as others stand at this cliff trembling. You are the ignitors, as well as the safety net as the self takes this tumble. It is your understanding of your omnipresence and of source which is now your driving force. And this message will be carried. We understand that many will be grasping, often frantically at that which is constant and that which is steady as everything else begins to quake. This is why you are here. And in their apparent desperation they will come to you taken to their knees and you will hold them up to the light that they are. And as they feel there is nothing to hold on to you will show them that that very notion is the beginning of realizing the truth of their own power and permanence. The permanence of energy, of source, and of consciousness.Image

Emily Andari of The Wakeup